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About Thai Malayali Samajam

Thai Malayali Samajam (TMS) a non-profit organization founded in 2001 dedicated to preserve the heritage of Kerala and promote social and cultural harmony of the Keralites residing in the Kingdom of Thailand.

About US

Thai Malyalee Samajam was established in the year 2001. This non-profit organization brings togetherness and cohesiveness among the Keralites living in Thailand. The Samjam contributes to the cultural and social requirements to the people of God's own country at the Land of smiles. Now ,for more an decades, the Samajam has widely contributed to keep the cultural side of Kerala lively .Samjam and its activities have not only been successful in bringing the Keralites together, but this has been a great way to pass on the cultural values to the younger generations growing in Thailand.

Thailand feels just like home for a Keralite be it the temperatures, green country sides and the nostalgic coconut tress. There are a few other similar aspects like the Songkarn of Thailand and the Vishu of Kerala both falls at the same time and both are the celebrations of New Year .The Long tail Boat races of Thailand and the prestigious Nehru Trophy Boat races have common elements. The herbal roots of Thailand and the wonders of Ayurveda have all some similar lines that both these places hold; all these similarities are so contributing to a Malayali to feel more like a home away from home.

From 72 members in the year 2001 the Samajam has steadily grown to over 1000 active members in 2018. The Malayali Samjam by way of the cultural and sports activities have been opening up platforms for the talents to be showcased. TMS by its ways contributes to the kids by introducing them a cultural side of Kerala, for a housewife and the working the Samajam is activity and leisure respectively.

TMS have always stood at the forefront in assisting and offering help and support in times of needs arising from natural or other unfortunate events regardless of the religion, faith or belief of the affected. One such contribution was made to the Tsunami relief fund For Kerala Government.


TMS History and Evolution

Most of the Malayalees who set foot in Thailand, often found it hard to find other malayali pals in the Kingdom. Even though, not many malayalees were here in the 70s and 80s, malayali get-togethers were held occasionally during the late 80s and early 90s.It was in April 2001, a telephone call from Mr. K.V George to Mr. Shaji Ambooken, sparked the idea of a Malayali association in Thailand. As a result, a preliminary meeting was organized on the evening of 20th May, at a Thai restaurant in Bangna.

The participants were

  • Mr. K.V. George

  • Mr. Shaji Ambooken

  • Mr. Ittie

  • Mr. Prasad K.S

  • Mr. Sasindran Varma,

  • Mr. Thomas Abraham

  • Mr. Cherian Abraham

  • Prof. N. Ramachandran

  • Mr. K.V. George


In this meeting, it was decided to organize a get-together of Malayalees in Thailand. With the sole purpose of getting to know each other better, a get-together was organized on 24th June, 2001, at Hotel ‘BUA Restaurant’ in Bangkok.

The meeting was attended by about 72 people from various parts of Thailand. That was the great beginning of Thai malayali Samajam. Mr.K.V. George was elected as the First President and Mr. Shaji Ambooken as the First Secretary of Thai malayali Samajam.


The First official TMS committee was as follows,

  • Mr. K.V. George – President

  • Mr. Shaji Ambooken – Secretary

  • Mr.Cherian Abraham – Treasurer

  • Mr. Abdul Hameed

  • Mr. Itti

  • Mrs. Mary Chacko (Mini)

  • Mr. Nanda kishore

  • Mrs. Parvathy Varma

  • Mr. Prasad K.S

  • Mr. Punnoose V.C

  • Prof. Ramachandran N


Past Office Bearers

  • Year



  • 2001

    Mr. K.V George

    Mr. Shaji Jose Ambooken

  • 2002

    Prof. Ramachandran

    N Mr. Judson Rodrigues

  • 2003

    Mr. Sasindran Varma

    Mr. Raju Joseph K

  • 2004

    Mr. Gopakumar Varma

    Mr. Jeejo Paulose

  • 2005

    Mr. Safarulla

    K Mr. Rony Varghese

  • 2006

    Mr. Shaji Ambooken

    Mr. Basanth M.K

  • 2007

    Mr. Shibu Dharmarajan

    Mr. Ajoy K.B

  • 2008

    Mr. Rony Varghese

    Mr. Rajesh Vasudevan

  • 2009

    Mr. Ajoy K.B

    Mrs. Prabha Ramesh

  • 2010

    Mrs. Prabha Ramesh

    Mr. Pradeepan K

  • 2011

    Mr. Stephan Korah

    Mr. Shinu George

  • 2012

    Mr. Pradeepan K

    Mr.Santosh Antony

  • 2013

    Mr.Santosh Antony

    Mr. Jayachandran Madhavan

  • 2014

    Mr. Jayachandran Madhavan

    Mr. Filsuf Navas

  • 2015

    Mr. Rajesh Pillai

    Mr. Sajesh Sasidhar

  • 2016

    Mr. Shaji Renic

    Mr. Sajith Girijan K

    • 2017  

               Mr. Sajith Girijan K 

                                  Mr. Shibu P.R

    • 2018

               Mr. Filsuf Navas

                                  Mr. Sasidharan 




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